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A Massachusetts electric, water and sewer utility came to Select*Print when they needed to redesign their bill to make it easier to read. Select*Print assisted them with this issue and during the redesign process uncovered other areas that needed improvement.

During the redesign it became apparent there were many opportunities to save money in postage. The utility company was originally sending a separate statement for electric, water and sewer. Select*Print combined all the different statements onto one bill based on the customer account number and billing address. This reduced postage by 40%. Statement combining streamlined payment processing.

Payment processing was also enhanced. Select*Print saved the utility time by utilizing a lock box encoding system. Through lock box encoding, payments were sent right to the utility's bank for immediate deposit into their account.

In addition to combining bills and encoding, Select*Print created an entirely new look for the bill by using shaded bar graphs to depict the usage information over the last 12 months. The data was contained in the software, however the utility company had been unable to chart it properly so the function had never been used. These improvements made the bills much easier to read and understand for the utility's customers.

The utility company also took advantage of the selective messaging feature and added conservation tips on each bill. They also started providing a blue # 9 courtesy reply envelope to encourage payment. Through selective messaging and providing a payment envelop the utility now demonstrates their investment in the community and their commitment to a mutual partnership. When the new bills rolled out after only 6 weeks of combined design and production time, they were a hit.

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