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A Southern New Hampshire college came to Select*Print when they needed to outsource their grade reports as well as their semester billing. The college wanted the ability to change the grade report messages according to the status of the student. If a student was in academic jeopardy, a printed message would alert the student to the severity of the situation. The college also wanted to be able to print past due messages within the statement file. The system the college currently used was forcing them to print the exceptions separately. They had to utilize an insert to convey past due amounts, and for academic jeopardy messages. In addition to the messaging component the college was interested in saving money in postage and in time. Over the last 5 years the student body had increased by 50% and it had become increasingly difficult to print and mail all the bills from the registrar's office.

Select*Print started with the grade report requirements first. The college was on a 12 week cycle and needed to provide grades to students all year round. The first step was to define the parameters of academic probation, academic suspension, and finally, academic expulsion. Select*Print created a program to read the incoming data file and search for the GPA information. As the program searches the GPA information it creates a statistical report to send back to the college as well as a complete list of all the students in each category. The program read the GPA data and printed the appropriate message at the time of printing. This allowed for all of the data to be run together for a greater postal discount. Select*Print met and exceeded the customer's need by providing a detailed report on which students receive academic warnings.

The logic used in the grade report program was also used in the semester billing. Select*Print read the incoming data and searched the past due column to determine the appropriate message to be assigned to the students. A report of all students in arrears was sent to the registrars at the time of processing. If the report coincided with the information at the registrars the run was approved for printing and mailing.

Select*Print met all customer criteria in both applications. The student billing and grade reports were in the mail within 24 hours of receipt of the file, shaving 4 days off of the in-house processing time. Outsourcing saved the college 25 hours of employee time and approximately $200 in postage per mailing.

The total implementation time for this project was 6 weeks.

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