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Postal Processing: All records are passed through CASS certified software. Checking against the USPO list of known addresses, all matches are assigned a Postnet Barcode. This allows for postage discounts to be applied and for time in the mail stream to be shortened. Discounts typically are in the $65 per thousand range. A processing run of 5,000 records would save over $325 per cycle; if this were a once a month application, the yearly postage savings over full rate would be a minimum of $3900.00.

Document Enhancement: The graphic appearance of the statement can be greatly enhanced. By re-engineering the look of the document through multiple font changes, bolding and shading techniques, layout revisions and the addition of usage charts and graphs, the new document becomes a more powerful tool in communicating with customers. No longer tied to host software restrictions, the new statement will be much cleaner, easier to read and easier to process.

Electronic Form: By utilizing imaging technology, many different forms may be stored electronically and called at the time of imaging to merge with supplied data. Multiple forms can be used within the same processing run utilizing different stocks. For example, a Third Part Insurer sends data that includes EOB's and checks for 16 different clients. By utilizing the dynamic ability of the laser technology, each client's logo is pulled and imaged at the same time as the respective data. Keys within the data allow for identification of a check or EOB letter, which are preprogrammed to print out as a letter or a check respectively. Different stocks are utilized to further enhance the documents.

Bank Scan Line: Many customers lack the ability to build and/or print bank scan lines with their host software platform or the cost to add is prohibitively high. With the ability to add scan line technologies, the processing of remittance payments can be faster, more cost effective and reduce in-house resources. The automation efficiencies of this technology can now added to virtually all payment notices.

Charts and Graphs: Pie charts, bar graphs and other pictorial representations speak louder than any string of numbers. End users can see much more easily their consumption or growth in an account. Created dynamically with scale variation at the individual user level, this enhancement shows "at a glance" where the customer stands.

Specialized Fonts: Typically used by smaller clients for in-house payment processing, the addition of bar-codes can be used to automate this process. Alternative uses of bar-codes include encoding data on coupons for tracking results. Other specialized fonts can be used to scan membership renewal notices for account verification and updating. If a scanning device can read it, the addition of these specialized fonts is designed to cut down on keystroke errors and automate account lookup.

Selective Messaging: By reading predetermined data points, we are able to drop selective messages onto the statement. For example, only customers who have an overdue balance receive a payment reminder notice. Seriously overdue customers receive a request for immediate payment message, while current customers receive a note about additional services that are available.

Selective Inserting: Determined much like a selective message, data is read and a special code is embedded in the OCR A font that we apply. This triggers an Intelligent Read Inserter to put a special insert into that statement. Used often in conjunction with selective messaging, the envelope is now a "one to one" marketing piece.

Mixed Plex: With laser technology, the customer is no longer limited to only one-sided or only 2 sided imaging. A summary page can be image on one side only to allow for a preprinted reconciliation backer, while detail pages that follow are duplexed to keep postal cost to a minimum.

Set Verification: Embedded in our OCR A code, is a set verification sequence code that is read by the mail inserter to distinguish end of set (end of a particular customer's statement) in multi-page applications. Taking up much less real estate on the laser sheet, this unobtrusive marking utilizes state of the art reading technologies to ensure accurate insertion.

Multiple Stocks: Different preprinted stocks may be mixed within a customer's account. Page one is often a summary page with a perf'ed stub for remittance and imaged on 1 side. Continuation pages are printed differently to allow for the maximum amount of detail information to be imaged on and often duplexed for postage cost reduction.

Message Insertion: Static messages can be added in space reserved for that purpose and in a font that will stand out and demand attention. Special graphic fonts can be utilized as well as bolding etc.

PDF on CD: An indexed version of the statement run can be created and burned to a CD or placed back on the customer's FTP site. An invaluable tool for customer service functions, the PDF version can also be used as an archived copy for future reference by the customer.

Statement Combining: We can combine into a common outgoing envelope by any number of predetermined criteria. Special coding in the data, master account reference or lookup tables allows these types of end-customers to received batched bills. And your customer has the benefit of further reducing the postage cost.

CASS Certified Mailing: Customer supplied data is run against the USPO list of known national addresses. CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software checks for matches at the # and street, city, state and zip code level. Addresses that match or can be corrected are entered at discounted postal rates. Bar-coded, trayed mail moves faster through the postal system saving your customer money and time.

MICR Imaging: We utilize Xerox guaranteed MICR imaging laser equipment. Live checks can be created with MICR encoded scan lines from your customers data. No longer tied to preprinted, pre-encoded checks, this opens up many opportunities for check creation. This magnetic toner is useful in any number of applications from Third Party payment application checks to Direct Mail solicitations. And our data capture ability allows for the creation of Check Registers to your customer's specifications.