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The deregulation of the telecommunication industry brought forth many opportunities with expanded services and multiple service providers. A Maine based software company came to Select*Print when they were looking for a print and mail source to package with their software solution. The software company had five clients ready to utilize their software for billing and tracking, however they needed a print and mail provider. Each of the five clients wanted to be able to utilize bolded type, different logos, selective messaging and inserting to various degrees. In addition to the different formats three of the clients required a searchable PDF of the telephone bills for customer service purposes, and a 3 of 9 bar-code to decrease payment processing time.

The telecommunications project was extremely complex. The first step in the process was to receive a test file and create a program to pull in the data and rearrange the formats according to each of the client specifications and to identify the criteria for selective messaging. The next step was to create detailed reports recording the number of pages in the file, the number of envelopes to be filled, and the amount of page 1 and page 2 stock to be used, along with total dollar value for all the bills to be printed. Third, a proof of concept was sent to the clients with the proposed format for the data and the preprinted components. After several customer alterations a final version was approved and ready for final programming. Over 50 logos were gathered for various payment scenarios and long distance providers. The programming included:

  • Customer specific reporting criteria
  • Bills over 6 pages out sort
  • Selective messaging for past due accounts
  • Selective promotional inserts based on exchange
  • Multiple stock calls for page 1 and page 2
  • Multiple plex calls for 1 sided and 2 sided sheets
  • 3 of 9 bar-code for processing payments
  • Programming to generate a searchable PDF

The overall project time from concept to print and mail was 12 weeks which allowed various customer alterations and changing needs. All five clients were ecstatic about the overall end product. Currently, Select*Print prints and mails telecommunication billing for several companies utilizing four different software packages.

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