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We work with many established software vendors such as PCS, ITI and others. Our key to success with different platforms and software systems is our open ended approach to data and the ability to analyze and manipulate the various file formats. We are not locked into a fixed data structure and will accommodate different formats with custom programming.

Operating Systems:

  • SUN Solaris for the DocuPrints (NPS) and DocuTechs (DocuSP)
  • Windows 9x, NT including 2000
  • Hummingbird NFS is used to tie the UNIX and Window platforms together.
  • Visual Basic including VBA extensions for Excel and Access
  • ACCESS native programming
  • VIPP and Postscript (Adobe and Xerox RIPs)
  • PCL
  • CASS Certified Postal Applications:
    • MailManager 2010
    • PrintForm
  • UltraEdit including Macro programming for scripted data manipulation
  • PERL and Unix shell scripting
  • FTP client and server processes
  • Data File Analysis programs
  • Image Creation and Manipulation (scan tools and Tiff Drivers)
  • Full Suite of MS Office including Publisher
  • Compression and encryption software
  • Full complement of Adobe Acrobat including Distiller (used to create PDF archives of client print files)
  • BAR Code and MICR presentation
  • CD creation

Client Platforms and files:

We accept most known file formats, including Print Image, Fixed Field, Delimited, generic text, keyed files, Excel and Access data bases, LCDS, TIFF (single and multi-page), both EBCDIC and ASCII code sets.

The client platforms that we are proficient in are:

  • Windows PCs - all operating systems,
  • UNIX - multiple versions including AIX
  • IBM mainframes and AS/400 systems
  • DEC VAX and Alpha with VMS