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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Parkton, Maryland - April 2006
Omniform has become a Noosh print supplier

NewlineNoosh delivers outsourced and software-as-a-service print management solutions that allow companies to leverage outsourced or internally managed print procurement strategies to achieve significant cost reductions and gain complete visibility and control of print expenditures. Over 6,000 individuals representing nearly 700 different organizations use NewlineNoosh Print Management solutions to manage more than $400MM of print annually. NewlineNoosh customers include Genworth Financial, Honeywell Consumer Products Group, Star Tribune Company and many other leading enterprises. For more information, please visit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Parkton, Maryland   -   January 2006
Omniform Revises Web Site

Omniform has launched a completely revised web site. The new expanded site will permit commerce on demand for Omniform's client base. Clients will have the capability of ordering items, managing inventory and checking on order status