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A small town in New Hampshire began working with Select*Print when they wanted to combine multiple bills going to the same landowner in one envelope. In their current system one land owner could receive as many as 50 different bills due to the number of properties owned. The town also wanted a way to verify that all outgoing statements were correct. Their current system output a total dollar amount, but there was no way to verify that the output totaled the dollar amount given. Finally, the municipality wanted the ability to print duplicate bills on a laser printer rather than running a batched file to a line printer in their office.

Select*Print wrote a program which imported the data combined. This program combined addresses according to the owner of the properties and produced a total values report to match to the number given by the current system. In addition to the total value reporting, the town received a report stating the total tax amount due for each of multiple property landowners in town. Statement combining saved approximately 20% on postage.

Select*Print provided the town with an indexed file that runs off a PC. The town is now able to print duplicate bills for landowners who have lost or misplaced their bill. As an added benefit, the indexed files served as an archive of the year's tax bills eliminating the need for duplicate prints on file at the town office.

The overall redesign on this project took only 4 weeks to complete.

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