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A southern pest control company had acquired several businesses when they came to Select*Print to re-engineer the billing invoices to one common feel. The challenge was that each of the 15 acquired companies would continue to retain its own billing address as well payment acceptance policies. Additionally, each location required its own reporting back to the main office. The locations consisted of 700 to 4,500 customers. Since the volumes varied so significantly between locations, it was important to design a common invoice that accommodated all locations and could be imprinted variably as other locations were added.

Select*Print examined the 15 various layouts and developed one format to accommodate all locations. One advantage to the redesign project was that each acquired location was utilizing the same software package. While some locations were utilizing the information differently, the commonality saved a great deal of time in the redesign phase.

All the locations were moved onto one base stock utilizing a double window #10 and window # 9. By moving to a double window #10 and window #9 the total stock cost was reduced by 30%. Changing the stock package also made the acquisition of additional companies easier. Stock was ready and printed as new locations were added on.

During the redesign the issue of payment processing time was brought up. In order to speed up the payment processing function the company elected to utilize a bar-coding system to process payments. A 128 bar-code was added to represent the customers account number and what the payment amount should be. The addition of this feature cut processing time by 50%.

The overall redesign on this project took 8 weeks to complete as each location approved the changes. The company continues to add locations today. The process was made simple by solid planning and working with the customer to understand their needs.

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