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Financial Institution Statements

A small town credit union came to Select*Print when they were looking to turn their statements into a marketing tool. The credit union wanted to update their look and begin utilizing inserts to market their commercial customers. Select*Print met these requests.

The redesign entailed moving the statement from one preprinted stock to two stocks. Page 1 consisted of the new logo with the terms and conditions of the credit union on the back. Page 2 consisted of the logo on both sides and was set to print detailed account information on both sides. The next piece of the redesign included statement combining for customers with more than one account going to the same address.

With the credit unions initial requests met, Select*Print set out to uncover what other outsourcing needs the credit union may have. The credit union had been processing escrow checks to customers biannually. With the current system checks had to be printed first and then matched to the statements. This was extremely time consuming. Select*Print combined check processing and the statement of account in one run, one envelope.

Another need the credit union had was end of year tax processing. The credit union needed to provide Select*Print with the tax data. Once the data was received Select*Print processed and mailed within 2 days of receipt. The credit union had their 1099INT and 1098 mailing out by January 2nd. In previous years they had experienced problems getting the correct forms and getting the information to print correctly. Select*Print made tax processing simple and efficient. Select*Print also provided the credit union with a searchable CD to print copies of the tax forms for members needing a duplicate copy. Select*Print processes end of year taxes for over 100 banks annually and has a 100% on time record.

The implementation of each of the statement processing project was 4 weeks from receipt of the first test file.

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