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easy, complete & hassle free

Let Select*Mail save you time, money and aggravation by being your comprehensive variable data statement processing choice. Our forms division works closely with our digital team to ensure that your order is printed on the proper stock and laser perf'ed for optimal data insertion. We'll even manage your quantities so you don't have to worry about inventory. Let us manage the details while you manage your environment. Make Select*Mail your one stop processing solution, and you'll save money on costly shipping and warehousing charges. Our postal sorting division will make sure you get the best rate and the right delivery choice for your needs.

From the moment we accept a job to the delivery to your clients, we focus on quality and cost effectiveness. Add bar coding, customized advanced reporting, and searchable CD-ROM based archiving of your order, and the choice is clear. Contact us and find out how we can simplify your billing process to give you more time to devote to your business.