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This has been our goal since we opened our doors in 1981, and we are proud of the record of service established during those years. Many of our
earliest customers are still with us, a tribute to Omniform's consistent level of quality performance.

Omniform has the ability to manage complex print jobs all the way from concept to fulfillment, in-house. In addition to a complete graphics capability, our hard-working team of printing professionals delivers quality printed pieces to the end user on time and within budget.

Our roots are in business forms, and we still design, produce and deliver millions each year. Each year our team help our clients save money, both in direct costs and in harder-to-quantify processing costs. Recently, one of our client confided to us that our alternative suggestions on a form requirement saved them $76,000!

We offer comprehensive on-line Print Management Programs. These Internet-based printing and inventory control programs let Omniform clients check order status, manage inventory, set reorder points, make releases, issue restocking orders, and otherwise keep track of all aspects of the print procurement cycle.

Omniform is constantly embracing new forms of technology as we expand our service capabilities. With 25 years of experience, we have the experience and technical capability to help our clients achieve maximum value for their print procurement dollar.

History of Omniform

Omniform began as Bryant Graphics in 1980, and was incorporated as Omniform, Inc. the following year. The company quickly achieved a reputation for the level of customer service it provided. Many of the clients we started with over two decades ago are still with us today.

Awards for our print design expertise followed, culminating with Omniform's selection to design the income tax forms for the State of Maryland. The company has continued to expand its operations to include several proprietary products and a variety of Forms Management services. Made possible by our own custom-programmed software, few of our competitors can match our on-line presence or our flexibility.

As our company starts its second quarter century, we have embraced e-commerce through an alliance with Noosh, one of the most advanced Internet-based print procurement services.

Omniform's well trained team of print professionals manage the printing of over 7,000 orders per year. This team has an average of 16 years in the printing industry!

Omniform is an Inc. magazine "Inc.500" company.