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Third Party Billing

A Maine based 3rd party benefits processor met with Select*Print when they were looking for a reliable outsource solution. Due to changing economies, and the need to cut expenses, the provider was exploring outsourcing benefits processing. The key criteria to be an outsource partner were security, accuracy, and the ability to produce and mail benefits checks within 24 hours of receipt.

The third party application brought many challenges. The provider worked with over 20 different companies and needed separate detailed reporting on each company. Additionally, each of the 20 companies was servicing at least 10 customers utilizing different logos on each document. Select*Print designed a program to meet the reporting needs as well as imaging requirements. Through combining the over 200 possibilities, Select*Print saved the customer over $2000.00 monthly in postage.

Select*Print met security requirements immediately. Our processing facility is a totally secure environment. Anyone outside the Select*Print production team is required to sign a confidentiality agreement and must obtain approval from the facility Director prior to entry. All visitors are logged in and accompanied by a production team member.

At Select*Print accuracy is our business. We have a system of checks and balances throughout the process. Jobs are checked for stock requirements, data integrity and run count accuracy and then signed for at every station. Each job is balanced to the total job count and reconciled on a daily basis.
Select*Print had no problem handling the delivery time. The files from the benefits processor were received by 7:00 each morning and had to be in the mail by 5:00 the following day. For 90% of our jobs our turn time is 24 - 36 hours.

>The total project development and implementation time was 3 months. During that time period test documents were created, parallel runs were output and overall process integrity steps were solidified. The customer was extremely happy with the project and has been working with Select*Print for over a year.

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